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Ioana Boie


Completely track projects from kick-off to invoicing and remain profitable by optimizing resource allocation!

Brașov, February 3, 2022 - BITSoftware, an emblematic IT&C company in Romania with 28 years of experience in developing business solutions, announces the availability of a new software product designed for companies that work with many resources and that run several projects simultaneously.

SocrateRM is a complete solution for resource and project management, whose development started from a real internal need of the company and which, after two years, thanks to the passion and energy of the BITSoftware team, has become a new product in the company's portfolio.

"We needed a resource management solution fit for our project management requirements," said Remus Cazacu, CEO and founder of BITSoftware, adding: "The need has been confirmed by a research on the professional services market, and developing our own flexible and configurable solution was the natural choice at the time.”

It was the right decision, validated practically by the internal use of the solution and by the intensive testing of all its functionalities. SocrateRM offers 360-degree visibility, it is the ally of any project manager and, at the same time, a strategic tool for every decision maker in the company. With SocrateRM you can solve complex project management issues, from budgeting and allocating resources and assigning tasks to the project, to project invoicing and performance analysis, all in a simple and efficient way. At the same time, SocrateRM ensures permanent communication in the team, but also with customers, a key element for the success of projects.

“We developed the SocrateRM application for solving complex project management issues, from budgeting and allocating resources and assigning project tasks, to project invoicing and performance analysis. In line with market trends, SocrateRM ensures permanent team communication, but also the most efficient way to communicate with customers ", said Ioana Boie, SocrateRM product manager.

The solution is intended primarily for marketing agencies, consulting firms, IT companies or professional services companies, but can be adopted by any organization that manages several projects simultaneously.

With the SocrateRM solution available in the cloud, companies substantially reduce the loss of an essential resource: time, through optimal allocation from both a resource and a project perspective. Managers also have the assurance of optimal resource allocation using project teams at full capacity, avoiding burn-out and underutilization. The team will save valuable time by easily reporting effort and expenses, and real-time analysis contributes to continuous business improvement. Management has a centralized view to the status of projects at a glance, and intelligent notifications reduce the time spent on control processes.

SocrateRM integrates perfectly into the extensive portfolio of business solutions of the company based in Brașov, which over 28 years ago, in 1994, launched SocrateERP, one of the first integrated management software systems in Romania. SocrateCRM, SocrateBI, FluxVision WMS and many other solutions followed, which over 300 customers, medium and large companies, Romanian and international, rely on with confidence and which can be discovered here.

"Passionate about technology, software, but also economics, we have always sought to improve, and we have continuously developed and grown people, products, services," explained Remus Cazacu the secret behind this new product in the BITSoftware portfolio.

Applicable in various fields of activity, SocrateRM helps you to fully track projects from kick-off to invoicing, distribute and use resources in the most efficient and productive way, remaining profitable and offering the best quality. More details about the benefits available to you are available at

About BITSoftware

BITSoftware is a company that has in its portfolio innovative business solutions, over 300 customers, medium and large companies, Romanian and international, and is present in over 70 countries with its solutions. Since 1994, the company has developed one of the first integrated management software systems in Romania (SocrateERP), growing together with the first customers who believed in the company's product. The Socrate solution was implemented in the following years in dozens of Retail, Distribution and Manufacturing companies.

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